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Megaphobema Robustum (Colombian Red Leg)

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Megaphobema Robustum is a very impressive and interesting species of bird spider. Females reaching around 8 inches when full grown. The dark coloration contrasting with various hues of light browns and reds make this tarantula a Great Centerpiece to a Collection. They are opportunistic burrowers and enjoy rearranging when they feel like it.

Although the New World Terrestrial seems docile, they can be a little defensive and have an interesting way of bobbing up and down as a first warning to perceived threats. The Columbian Giant Red Leg is also known as the "Bucking Tarantula". It possesses large thorny spikes hidden between bushy bristles on it’s hind legs, and any further annoyance will be met with another strange defensive behavior for this species, where it will spin around trying to kick it’s spiky hind legs in the direction of the threat.

What we find weird about this species is that although they’re quite bold, they can be unpredictably skittish and suddenly bolt to safety at high speed without any warning, so look out for that.

***Comes with full setup INNclosure***