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Lasiodora Parahybana (Salmon Pink Birdeater)

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This quick growing spider is the 3rd largest tarantulas in the world! This massive species commonly reaches a leg-span of 11 inches and easily reaches 4 inches in the first year. These spiders originate in Northeastern Brazil, where they inhabit the forest floor. They are generally laid back and stay out in the open, making them an ideal display species when combined with their large size. This species will do best with temperatures in the mid 70s to 80s and humidity in the 60-70% range. They are a New World Terrestrial, and will take shelter with a hide such as a piece of cork bark. These spiders are not recommended for handling due to them flicking urticating hairs or biting when threatened. This giant tarantula is a must own for any enthusiast!

***Our Signature Bioactive Innclosure Included***