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Orphnaecus SP Panay Blue (Panay Blue Earth Tiger)

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A relatively small fossorial earth tiger, this tarantula sports a dark grey overall color which has blue luminescence freshly after a molt and when under the correct lighting. Although they will wander their enclosures in search of prey from time to time, in general they are strictly fossorial pet holes and rarely venture from their burrows and shelters. They are capable of heavy webbing if you prefer to provide less substrate for burrowing so you can see them more often. These are very much old world tarantulas, moving at high speeds and capable of being very defensive. It can be assumed that they carry potent old world venom as well. This bird spider has the tendency to sit curled up when disturbed, completely motionless and stubborn to move, you may even think they’re dead or sick. BUT… one second later, the same tarantula is on your face and you don’t know how it got there. They explode in to fits of running and if they feel cornered, will flare in to a threat display and a bite will surely follow.

***Our Signature Bioactive Innclosure Included***