Chilobrachys SP 'Kaeng Krachen' Dark Earth Tiger

Chilobrachys sp 'Kaeng Krachen'
Dark Earth Tiger

This Is A Large Species That Can Be Shy, Not For Handling

Adults Are Growing On Average To Sizes Around 6 – 7 Inches In Leg-span

Life span of 5 – 20 Years; Females Living Longer Than Males


Asian fossorial set up; deep moist substrate (3-6 in) with a starter burrow, hide, water dish.

This species is a great pet hole. Ours is rarely out and about. Usually only comes out for food if lucky. This species is not for holding. Ensure a catch cup is near when misting or feeding weekly. We recommend more of a horizontal enclosure than vertical.

Juvenile should get 2-3 medium crickets or one roach. Our guy is a great eater. We built a tunnel for him in the corner of the enclosure. He used it and added more to it.